International Education and Scholarship Schemes for Youth Education

Here at the International Education and Scholarship Schemes website we are experts at arranging youth education and learning experiences for young people all over the world. Whatever academic discipline you wish to study in, we can help you arrange to do it in another country, and will ensure you receive all the guidance and support you will require during what will be both the most exciting and nerve-wracking experience of your young life! Nothing compares to studying in a new city, making new friends and discovering a new culture. Talk to our international education and scholarship team today, and get ready to blossom!

  • For individual learners looking for learning opportunities for leisure or personal development.
  • TSI Europe
  • For business users looking for training opportunities for employees.
  • For practitioners in the voluntary and community corsets sector.
  • For adults aged 20+ looking for information, advice & guidance about learning and work.
  • Recommended supplies for schools

Welcome to the International Education and Scholarship Schemes website. Our objective for this site is to provide you all the information you need to help you arrange an international education and learning experience. Whatever academic discipline you wish to study, we can help you arrange to do it. The trickiest aspect of doing so is always funding, and our focus here is to ensure you are aware of all the scholarship schemes and opportunities that are available for you to apply for, to make your dream of studying abroad a reality!

There are a range of higher education bursaries, grants and scholarship awards available to international students across a broad spectrum of subjects. For more education and scholarship scheme information contact us today.

The International Education and Scholarship Schemes website is here to support you. Studying abroad is likely to be one of the most exciting and scary things you’ll have done. You’ll be learning new things while becoming immersed in a new culture and meeting innumerable new faces. At this time it might be nice to know there is somewhere you can go that will give you any guidance you might need. That is what we are here for. Speak to us today for answers to your international study questions.


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